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Corporate Gifts Singapore 

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Corporate gifts can be any gift that serves a purpose base on the circumstances under which it is present. It is largely with respect to a business entity or any organisation wanting to reward people to show gratitude. Or on the other hand, to promote a certain brand or marketing message to the general public. The latter is often considered an important component of most advertising campaigns, alongside print, television and also online advertisements.

Haven’t we received at least some form of logo-customised gadgets or products given to us during promotional events?. Like at a car show for example, almost like an enthralled child with a new toy. we remember how gratified we felt when we received the gift of an in-vehicle smartphone holder or something useful which is related to automobiles.

What about the power bank that we received during a credit card sign-up at a road show?. And also the folding travel bag that we got after buying a tour package. Years ago, as part of their aggressive marketing campaign. A local used car resale website gave away a vast amount of low-cost customised fridge magnets. By placing them on the windshields of random vehicles at car parks all over the island. They are now the ultimate go-to website if you intend to buy or sell a used car. This is successful marketing at its very best I would say. Looking back. So those mentioned are all meticulously selected products which are planned in the name of keepsake. In other words, they are given to be kept, as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

Corporate Gifts Singapore 

It goes to show the utmost importance of the purpose of gifting. By being mindful of this purpose. We are able to collaborate with you and come up with corporate gift ideas that really work. We focus on selling corporate gifts that even you will want to keep.

Gatewin offers a one-stop solution with professional services that includes product sourcing, customisation and packaging. We can customise gifts according to your own unique design and specification. Our comprehensive stocks of gifting products are kept update consistently. So that when you are looking for any trending gift on the market. we are most likely to be able to supply what you need.

If your business is to supply for school-going children or the young generation type of gifts, do consult us – we have the ideal solution for you. Or perhaps you may be embarking on a project to promote your brand to the working executives and clients from SMEs and MNCs. we are also capable of customising a unique gift that will create the most marketing impact for you too. In a nutshell, we have something for everyone and all kinds of occasions.

We believe that the genuine integrity of a corporate gifts supplier is to provide good value business solutions according to our clients’ need. And without ever having to compromise on the quality of our products. So we are here to help you select the most awesome gifts to pamper and reward your staff, clients, business associates and friends. You’d expect to get an exceptional level of service and the deal from us, with satisfaction guaranteed!